Monthly Archives: March 2012

Sunflower Butter Balls

Sunflower butter balls.  Oh how I love thee.  These heavenly little bites are so delicious and so addicting that I honestly have a love-hate relationship with them.  Sure, they are full of nutritious, wholesome ingredients, but eating a whole batch ( you read that right, a whole batch) in one sitting pretty much cancels out all […]

Sprouted Brown Rice Cereal

Dehydrated sprouted brown rice baby cereal. Sounds much too complicated to attempt, doesn’t it? I am here to tell you that all it really takes is a little forethought and a tad bit of planning and you can make this nourishing, nutritious whole grain cereal for your little one. Four […]

Spicy Sambal Beef Jerky

I am one lucky lady.  I have an amazing husband who takes very good care of our family.  He is a wonderful provider and awesome father.  Some would even go so far to say he is a saint to have to endure my endless chatter day in and day out.   It is true I have a habit […]

Sprouted Brown Rice

I am on a perpetual mission to learn everything I can about nutrition.  Lately, I have delved into the cooking ways of our ancestors.  Nurturing time honored traditions, cooking food the way it was meant to be prepared, not mass produced on some assembly line with huge machines and people in latex gloves.  The […]

Beet Greens Smoothie

I have been eating a great deal of beets lately and not by choice.  Well, that’s only partly true.  My youngest son Dylan has some severe sensitivities to certain foods in my breast milk, so about three months ago, I began a total elimination diet.  Long story short, on the total elimination diet, you pretty much […]