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A Guide to Soaking Nuts and Seeds

I, like most people, enjoy eating nuts and seeds.  They make a great, portable snack and play a big role in Paleo treats and baked goods.  What you may not be aware of, however, is that seeds and nuts contain antinutrients that wreak havoc in our intestines and digestive systems.  Grains, beans, and legumes also […]

Plantain Pie Pancakes



 I love using plantains.  They are incredibly versatile, lending themselves beautifully to crackers, waffles, and yes, pancakes.  I also love that they provide my boys with the starchy, complex carbs their growing bodies need, and they’re perfect as a post workout snack for me. 



I am fortunate that my boys are great eaters.  Transitioning to […]

Sriracha Buttered Shrimp

Sriracha and butter?!?  Are there any other two words in the English language that are capable of conjuring up such feelings of pure bliss?  Okay, I take that back.  Maybe bacon and… well, pretty much anything.  Or dark chocolate and just about anything.  All right, so, there are a few other combinations that can instantly make your salivary glands go […]

Spaghetti Squash with Meat Sauce


One of the greatest things about living a Paleo lifestyle, besides the obvious health benefits, is the opportunity it has afforded me to try new, delicious foods that I otherwise would have shied away from.  Before going Paleo, my family had never tried many of the foods we now enjoy, like plantains, liver, bone broth, and […]

Spicy Poblano Burgers


Turkey burgers?!?  Say what?  Before all you burger purists out there in cyberspace start to persecute me, let the record show we are normally beef burger loyalists.  This burger blasphemy came about because my mama was visiting and she doesn’t eat red meat (gasp)!  Now, I am usually not a huge fan of turkey burgers […]